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Venture Capital I Private Equity

CJY operates a venture capital and development capital fund that invests in high-potential startups and SMEs.

Our investment teams are closely integrated into the North American entrepreneurial ecosystem. We invest in companies targeting a global market and relying on technologically innovative products such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital, and Biotech. In addition to financial investment, we offer a network and support to the management teams of the companies we invest in.

We have numerous entrepreneurs in residence and experts who provide support and advice to the companies within our fund. We extend our network in China and North America to them.

Managers of startups and SMEs with high potential seeking investors, please reach out to us. This could be the start of a promising partnership.

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We offer a rapid investment process, requiring less than 2 months to deploy capital into your company. We provide support for seed money and Series A funding stages. In addition to capital, we offer access to experts, mentors, and a global network to aid in your success.

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Fast process

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Seed Money and A series



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