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Marketing & Digital Consulting

CJY supports you in all your marketing and digital projects. As the exclusive partner of Aleia Consulting Company in marketing, digital strategy, design, software development, and artificial intelligence, we offer the best experts in the market to execute your projects. We provide guidance on your marketing and digital endeavors by identifying opportunities to differentiate and disrupt your market. Our team executes your marketing and communication plans to ensure the most efficient and rapid launch of your company into new markets. Our teams will flawlessly execute your projects.

We will design or revamp your branding, including logos, graphic guidelines, brand identity, and commercial visuals.

We will handle the design and development of your websites, e-commerce platforms, and web applications.

Lastly, we also assist you in managing your social media presence. Our expert team is here to support you every step of the way.

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Exclusive partner

in marketing and digital consulting




We are committed to every aspect of your business, placing a high value on your brand image. We strive to innovate and create modern designs that enhance your business and its presence in the market.



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Modern design

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Business Oriented

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